Below are some of the wonderful things people are saying about Uncle Dan's Report Card.

"I believe that today, more than ever, Uncle Dan's Report Card can help our busy parents teach the basic fundamental behaviors their children need to be successful in school and in life."

Kathleen Sebelius
Governor of Kansas
May, 2004

"The worth of the child cannot be measured in terms of 'Per Cent' alone. The home life of the child is an important part of the whole life. The teacher's judgment will be a much better one if the home will kindly co-operate. Parents are asked to carefully consider and mark 'Home Report' as indicated."

M. E. Pearson,
Superintendent, Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools

"Uncle Dan's Report Card presents a unique parent-child partnership that empowers and encourages children to to take personal responsibility for their own behavior."

Jay Winsten, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Harvard School of Public Health

"Being a parent is hard. It is not for the fainthearted or foolhardy. It is a challenging job that requires time, attention, parent education, and a lifetime commitment. There is no quick fix, easy answer or ‘app' for parenting. But this valuable book identifies the specific skills and ‘how-to' tools that will help parents raise responsible, caring, purposeful children through consistent practice of healthy habits and values."

Wendy Webb
Coordinator, Blue Valley Parents as Teachers
Parents as Teachers National Trainer, Quality Consultant
KSDE (Kansas State Department of Education) Trainer, Quality Consultant

"This book will be a valuable resource and tool for everyone who touches a child's life and wants to equip that child with the foundational skills they'll need to succeed in life. Kansas PTA has been advocating for ALL children and for authentic family engagement for nearly 100 years. It is no coincidence that the superintendent (M.E. Pearson) who signed the 1914 Home School Report Card (the basis for Uncle Dan's Report Card) also served on the 1914-1916 Kansas Branch of the National Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations - later called Kansas PTA, as did his wife."

Debbie Lawson
Kansas PTA President 2009-2011
Laura Kaiser
Kansas PTA 100th Anniversary Chairman
Kansas PTA President 2005-2007

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