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Uncle Dan's Report Card - Helping Our Children to Build Strength of Character with Healthy Habits and Values for a Lifetime of Success Read what Kathleen Sebelius, former Governor of Kansas, and other readers are saying about Uncle Dan's Report Card and its potential impact on our children and there future.
A unique approach to teaching children timeless values - inspired by the discovery of a 1914 report card.

When parent educator and author Barbara Unell discovered her Uncle Dan's fifth grade report card from 1914, she found an amazing 2-sided treasure. Yes, this was not your ordinary school report card. The left side listed the subjects taught at school...reading, writing, arithmetic, and the like.

But... the right side...ah yes! The "right side" was of equal importance!! It was the home report of the subjects that were expected to be taught at home-truthfulness and honesty, morning chores, evening chores, care of clothing, care of teeth, evenings at home, sleeping with the windows open, and a dozen more! Her grandparents noted the progress of her uncle in learning these right-side habits, just as the teacher marked the left side.

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